1. Vladimir Tamari

    Dear Ed Fredkin
    I am happy and amazed to see this website only today … better late than never. In 2005 I published my model Beautiful Universe (BU) mentioning your Digital Philosophy without going into detail. The BU paper and a recent 2D simulation proof of concept of a physics using a Cellular Automata with unique (as far as I know) Bloch-Sphere-type cell exchanging angular momentum in units of (h) at any 3D angle with its neighbors. The work is in the two top links on the physics pages of my website. Working in isolation as a non-academic in Tokyo and at my age (74) I have managed to make very slow progress. Gerard ‘t Hooft’s 2014 paper on QM as CA was encouraging but this has to go mainstream! The main obstacles are in the flawed fundamental premises of physics and I have touched about those in my Fix Physics! paper also on my website. Your feedback, advice and support are most welcome. Best wishes and good health.

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